WER WEISS DENN SOWAS? - The second round is about to get even more exciting. Play in a team with Elton or compete together with Bernhard Hoëcker. Whether alone, in pairs or with the whole family - WER WEISS DENN SOWAS? - The 2nd game demands everything from you. Prove in 30 new shows, with exciting questions and the original answer videos, how good your knowledge really is. None other than Kai Pflaume himself leads you through the shows. Pure knowledge, fun and lots of entertainment. What is the rule of thumb "24 hours per decade" all about? Do you know? No? WHO KNOWS SOMETHING LIKE THAT?

  • With the characters and original voices of Kai Pflaume, Elton and Bernhard Hoëcker.
  • 30 complete shows with more than 390 questions and the corresponding answer videos.
  • One- to four-player mode: Choose yourself who you want to compete alongside - Bernhard Hoëcker, in a team with Elton or together with your friends?
  • Create your own character from a variety of different options

Did you know that in over 450 broadcasts of "Wer weiß denn sowas?" 9 times the maximum amount was won and 22 times no money at all?

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