SCHLAG DEN STAR is now also available for mobile!

Now with Wi-Fi multiplayer. As soon as you are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can compete against each other just like in the real show.

Finally the time has come - after SCHLAG DEN RAAB it's time for the next round. SCHLAG DEN STAR and Elton take over the stage and bring you to a new level. We have completely rebuilt the studio to make it more beautiful and realistic than ever. Create your own character and compete with him in the new exciting and challenging games. Whether it's "mental arithmetic", "assigning" or "letters" - here you clearly need brains and a quick finger. In "Lattlschießen", "Wurf Reversi" or "BallBall", it's all about good timing, but above all about sure instinct. Of course, "blaming or cashing" has not been left out and Elton once again leads through the show with his usual sovereignty. Only those who can prove themselves as all-round talents have a chance of winning.

The app offers 5 mini-games - you can expect mental arithmetic, Lattlschießen, BallBall, country studies and of course blaming or cashing may not be missing. Here you can start directly in the best of three or in free play.

Further games can be purchased individually or in advantageous packages. With 7 games in your repertoire, you can play the "Half Show" mode, and with 15 games or more, you can play a complete show.

  • Wi-Fi multiplayer: Compete against your friends on the same network.
  • Challenging games - Known from the TV show - you have never been this close to the original
  • Completely new graphic style - More beautiful and realistic than ever before
  • All new - Many new games await you, which you only know from the show - the classic "BLAMING OR CASHING" may not be missing of course
  • Not without me - Of course with ELTON and his original voice as host
  • No time? No problem - Besides the classic show, there is also the half show and Best of Three, for all those who prefer a faster round.

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