Schlag den Raab or your Friends! 

Have you always wanted to get a taste of the original TV atmosphere and feel what it's like to be a contestant on Germany's most popular TV show? No problem, because Schlag den Raab makes it possible! Compete against Stefan Raab and try to show the ambitious host who is better in terms of skill, knowledge and action. Put your general knowledge to the test in the popular "Blaming or Cashing" quiz and put your geography skills to the test in "Where's What". There is a lot of action in the "Pömpel" game and you can show Stefan who is the best in the barn in the "Cow milking" game. Of course, this doesn't just apply to you, but also to your friends, because Schlag den Raab is also a guarantee for fun in party mode!

  • Unique combination of quiz & action games
  • Humorous implementation of the TV show with lovingly designed caricatures of Stefan, Elton and Matthias Opdenhövel
  • Show mode: compete against Stefan Raab and hit the jackpot
  • Party mode: 4 players against each other
  • 21 mini-games from the areas of skill, knowledge & action
  • Rules of the game like in the original show
  • Authentic TV atmosphere with the original voices of Stefan, Elton and Matthias
  • Special bonus system guarantees long-term fun by unlocking new mini-games
  • Almost infinite number of generated questions or tasks in "Mental arithmetic" or "More or less".
  • A catalog of more than 2,000 questions provides constantly new challenges

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