You are Paul de Raque, a Knight Templar on a journey to the Holy Land to reunite with his order in Jerusalem. But you are not a simple crusader, you are on a holy mission. On your shoulders rests the future of the world and all mankind... 

With the weapons of a medieval knight you must face your opponents, but also humans and demons, so that the unspeakable evil does not triumph and hell on earth enters.

With sword, axe, bow and shield you fight against the hordes of darkness. Your crusade will lead you through Europe and the Holy Land, against warriors, assassins and minions of hell. You must thwart the sinister plans of evil at any cost and recover a sacred relic from long ago. 

The game focuses on fighting with original medieval weapons in the sinister world of the 12th century, which has been recreated with great graphic effort and loving attention to detail.

  • Prove yourself against over 40 different enemies and make alliances with important allies in the fight against evil. Only you can save humanity!
  • Explore 14 levels in the Dark Ages, from tranquil monasteries and villages to exotic bazaars and Crusader strongholds under the blazing sun of the Holy Land!
  • Unravel the mysteries of two worlds: The realm of the living and the nightmarish world of demons and lost souls!
  • Use the bulging armory of the Middle Ages: sword, mace, axe and shield are just some of the faithful companions you can rely on during your journey!
  • Fight full of fair and unfair tricks and bring all the drama and excitement of medieval battles to the screen!
  • Master the use of the bow and strike down your enemies from a great distance!

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