After three successful SCHLAG DEN RAAB video games, SCHLAG DEN STAR is now going into the next round. You and up to three of your friends compete in 25 challenging original games from the TV show. Show everyone that you not only have the greatest general knowledge! You'll also need dexterity, skill and a good memory to win games like "Quiz", "Archery", "Water Maze" and "Throw Up", " Count Tones" or "Remember Things". 


This time you take the role of the star yourself. So you have the opportunity to create your own character from over 120 possible combinations, and then choose one from around 700 names fully voiced.


In addition to the familiar Show mode, consisting of 15 mini-games, now also play the "Half-Show" mode with 7, or for a really quick round, "Best of Three" with a maximum of 3 games. In "Free Play" you can try out all games and train for the show. 


Play all modes with up to 3 friends and put them in their place. Here you compete against each other in two teams. If a real flesh-and-blood competitor is missing, then the AI artificial intelligence simply takes over his role. Depending on the star, it has different strengths and weaknesses. 


Schlag den Star - Das Spiel is the continuation of the successful Schlag den Raab game series. Schlag den Star - Das Spiel offers everything that Schlag den Raab already had and expands the game concept in a meaningful way - more content for the quiz games, own characters and different variants of the show mode round off the familiar concept.

  • 25 CHALLENGING GAMES known from the TV show - you've never been this close to the original before
  • 12 PACKING ACTION GAMES like "Throw up", "The wheel", "Cable salad", "Archery" and "Pull cars"
  • The cult games "QUIZ", "RIGHT?", "WHERE IS WHAT" and "BLAMING OR CASHING" may not be missing
  • EVEN MORE CONTENT than ever before: there have never been so many questions in a game of the series before
  • EXCITING SHOW ATMOSPHERE with ELTON as host and his original voice
  • YOU AS A STAR: Create your own character and compete with it
  • PERSONALIZED NAMES: Around 700 names fully voiced
  • FOUR GAME MODES: Show mode (15 games), Half show (7 games), Best of Three (3 games), Free game

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