SPACE RIFT is a breathtaking and addictive action space adventure for Virtual Reality.

Experience first-hand how it feels to fly exciting missions and fight intense battles as a space pilot!

After a destructive meteor shower, Earth has become an uninhabitable desert planet.

Mankind was forced to emigrate to Mars and has since lived there under the rule of the mega-corporations WEYSS and PANDORA. 

You slip into the role of Casey Black, who ekes out a dreary existence as a pilot for WEYSS, but is branded a traitor at the beginning of the game due to a computer error.

Your only way out is to escape to the rebels of the Anoxia station, who are researching the S.E.E.D - a mysterious bomb that could be used to liberate humanity.

As a recalcitrant mining pilot, you'll help the rebels and collect valuable minerals along the way, under constant threat from PANDORA's flying drone army. 

Will you succeed in bringing independence and freedom to the remaining humans on Mars?

  • SPACE RIFT is the first single player science fiction adventure developed specifically for virtual reality glasses.
  • Become a real part of the game world with the novel gameplay elements adapted to VR - the screens are not just for looking at!
  • Experience an in-depth, cinematic single player campaign with fully synchronized voice acting
  • Explore the individually designed sectors, each with its own unique atmosphere and music
  • Use your extensive arsenal of weapons to fight the diverse enemy types
  • Collect valuable minerals to buy upgrades to improve your ship and choose your own play style

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