Thursday, August 05, 2010

Jekyll & Hyde: bitComposer Games and Namco Bandai Partners announce the German voice actors

-  With the voice actors of Johnny Depp and "Detective John Munch" from "Law and Order: New York"  -

Eschborn/Frankfurt, August 5, 2010: bitComposer Games and Namco Bandai Partners today announced the German voice actors for the forthcoming PC adventure: Jekyll & Hyde.

The famous voice actor David Nathan has been chosen for the role of Rufus de Lombard; David is the no. 1 voice dubbing actor for Hollywood star Johnny Depp, and also provides the German voice for leading actors such as Christian Bale, Paul Walker and Val Kilmer.

The two main characters in Jekyll & Hyde will be "played" by Hans Henrik Wöhler, whose distinctive tones have been heard in many TV reports, talking books and radio features in Germany.

Christian Schult will assume the role of Coltrane. Christian has provided the German voice for Marlon Brando ("Superman Returns"), Patrick David Nolan ("Angela's Ashes") and Scott MacDonald ("Star Trek: Enterprise"). He is also familiar to fans of the TV crime show "Law & Order: New York" as the voice of actor Richard Belzer (Detective John Munch). Schult has also narrated numerous TV documentaries.

Jekyll & Hyde will enthrall players with the classic adventure gameplay that combines elements of action and skill. The player assumes the role of the two main protagonists, and must use the different characteristics of the two game characters to solve the exciting puzzle, enigma and skill sections in the story. Dynamic camera moves enhance every game situation, and the view switches between a platform game and a 3rd version perspective. A mobile chemistry lab allows the player to brew the potion that will trigger his transformation, and gamers will also need this mini-lab to help them solve puzzles.

Jekyll & Hyde will be released on September 3, 2010 on Windows PC.


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