Thursday, March 04, 2010

Alter Ego: German Hollywood voice actor provides the crime thriller atmosphere

– The German voice of Ben Affleck plays the main protagonist / pack shot unveiled –

Eschborn, Germany, March 4, 2010: bitComposer Games and NAMCO BANDAI Partners will today announce the German voice actors and unveil the final pack shot for the point'n'click adventure Alter Ego. Johannes Berenz, who dubbed the German voice for Hollywood star Ben Affleck in "Dogma" and "Shakespeare in Love", will supply the voice of the thief, Timothy Moor. A roster of professional voice actors will guarantee that the German version of this chilling adventure provides lots of thrills and a creepy atmosphere. These include Mario Hassert, the German voice of Jay Underwood in "Road to Redemption", and Peter Heusch, known for crime thriller audio books such as "Commissioner Beck Investigates".

Alter Ego etakes the intrepid virtual adventurer to Plymouth in the South of England at the close of the 19th century. A series of horrible murders shock the city and the surrounding region after the death of a sinister aristocrat, who was the subject of many gruesome stories during his lifetime. In the role of two very dissimilar heroes, the thief Timothy Moor and Police Detective Bristol, players will gradually reveal the truth behind the mystery and expose a dark and terrible secret.

The PC release of Alter Ego in GSA is scheduled for March 26, 2010. For more details on bitComposer Games products, please visit: Link


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