Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cargo! The Quest for Gravity floats onto the net

-  A website and trailer provide teasers into this wacky action adventure  -
Eschborn, April 20, 2011: bitComposer Games and Ice-pick Lodge will soon be abolishing gravity when Cargo! - The Quest for Gravity hits the shelves, but a game website and colorful gameplay trailer are available from today! Fans of gravity can now have a sneak peek into the crazy capers on the island archipelago at: The action adventure Cargo! - The Quest for Gravity will be released on May 26, 2011 for PC (Windows) priced €19.99 (RRP), and will be distributed in the German-speaking territories by NBG EDV Handels & Verlags GmbH.

Cargo! - The Quest for Gravity
When things didn't quite work out last time after The Flood, with this end of the world, the Gods have stopped the Earth, removed gravity and, to replace man, have created the "Buddies", who are independent of gravity.
But Flawkes, one of the last survivors, discovers the Buddies' secret: fun! This is why they don't need gravity. He then creates the curious element, F.U.N., and this generates gravity. So Flawkes sets out to provide the Buddies with as much fun as possible. As F.U.N. will still be turning when the world comes to an end, the seasons and gravity return, and the Gods realize that humanity is a force you just can't reckon with.
Flawkes is controled by the player in the 3rd person and provides the Buddies with lots of opportunities to have fun: they love a hefty kick up the behind, any kind of danger, music, car racing and breakneck trips in all sorts of vehicles.


  • Unique and innovative game principle
  • 8 hours of story gameplay, plus unlimited sandbox gameplay
  • 10 different islands, a large underwater area, flying islands and numerous interior locations
  • Different seasons affect the gameplay and the handling of the vehicles
  • Car races over frozen seas, motor boat races, daring flight maneuvers and deep-sea excursions
  • Over 20 different building components that can be assembled to create crazy yet functional vehicles
  • The player's music can be used in the game
  • The physics-driven gameplay allows the player to find his own solution to each puzzle
  • Intuitive and easily accessible controls
  • Suitable for the whole family


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