Thursday, April 29, 2010

FIT FOR FUN – Fitness game for Nintendo Wii and DS provides a perfect bikini figure

–  The so far most comprehensive virtual fitness coach will hit the German speaking stores tomorrow  –

Eschborn, April 29th, 2010 - The so far most comprehensive virtual fitness coach "FIT FOR FUN" will hit the shelves tomorrow in the German speaking territories. It's a virtual fitness coach game for Nintendo Wii and a portable, interactive nutritionist for Nintendo DS. Both versions have been created in close collaboration with Germany's most popular lifestyle magazine "FIT FOR FUN".

FIT FOR FUN for Nintendo Wii
Sport and fitness enthusiasts can create their own individual workout plan based on their BMI (body mass index) and a fitness test. By training your perfect bikini figure "FIT FOR FUN" will also include fitness-oriented mini-games for extra game enjoyment like Badminton, hang-gliding and summer sledding. The exercises and games can all be played alone or with a partner and the full range of the Wii control features will be supported (Wii Remote, Nunchuk and balance board, although the balance board is not essential).
A male or female virtual fitness coach will guide the player through the various exercises. The trainer's movements will be shown using a sophisticated motion capture system and demonstrated to the player in detail.

FIT FOR FUN for Nintendo DS
"FIT FOR FUN" for Nintendo DS serves as a portable, interactive nutritionist providing interesting facts on nutrition in a clear and entertaining way. Based on the German nutrition journalist Doerte Wilke successful "FIT FOR FUN" diet provides a weekly planner with 40 delicious recipes. An interactive shopping list ensures that no ingredients are omitted and the careful preparation instructions and kitchen clock guarantee successful end results every time. The player will receive useful tips and interesting facts on nutrition in 60 lessons, and a fun, interactive quiz will test his new found knowledge.

"FIT FOR FUN" will be released on April the 30th 2010 on Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, priced 39.99 Euros. The game will be published jointly by NAMCO BANDAI Partners Germany and bitComposer Games, and distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by NAMCO BANDAI Partners Germany.


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