Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your Turn: "Schlag den Raab" Will Hit the Shelves on Nintendo Wii and PC in Autumn 2010

- The popular TV show is now a party game you can play at home with the original voices of Stefan Raab, Matthias Opdenhövel and Elton  -

Eschborn/Frankfurt, June 23, 2010- It's party time! Stefan Raab is set to conquer Nintendo Wii and PC this Fall with "Schlag den Raab" Anyone who wants to compete against Stefan Raab will soon have the virtual chance, because the popular TV show "Schlag den Raab" will be released as an official computer game version that won't leave a dry eye in the house; a sure-fire party hit! Up to four players can play on Nintendo Wii (two players on PC) and enjoy epic and gripping duels against each other, or pit their wits in 21 puzzle, luck and action games against the virtual double of Stefan Raab himself!

Stefan Raab, Matthias Opdenhövel and Elton provide the voices for their alter egos
All the famous characters from the TV show also appear in the game as comic and humorous cartoon characters. Besides Stefan Raab, the "Schlag den Raab" host Matthias Opdenhövel joins the party to present and comment on the thrilling contests, as he does in the TV show. Of course we can't leave Elton out of the computer game version! The facial and physical gestures of the famous "originals" are reproduced to great comic effect: every curse and whoop of joy and the typical gestures are faithfully reproduced! The original voices will also guarantee an unbeatable "Schlag den Raab" feel!

Party in your living room!
As usual, Matthias Opdenhövel and his wisecracks will accompany you through the show; he presents the action-packed and popular "Schlag den Raab" competitions like "Plumber's Friend", "Bar" or "Dice". Lightning-fast reactions, skill and some well-trained risible muscles are required here! The original voice of Elton serves up some frantic brain-twisting in the legendary quiz "Shame or Cash" for that unique "Schlag den Raab" atmosphere. Nor have we forgotten "More or Less" and "Which is Where?", in which contestants must put cities in their correct locations.

Many candidates have lost points against Stefan Raab in these very games and the virtual Raab also guarantees to get players hot under the collar with a combination of knowledge and skill.

All 21 mini-games come straight out of the award-winning TV show, and every challenge can last up to 15 rounds just like on TV. No two challenges are the same, and really good gamers can unlock more mini-games in the bonus system. Individual games can also be selected and trained. Anyone who can master "Schlag den Raab" in their own living room is already well on the way to a real face-off with Stefan Raab on TV.

"Schlag den Raab" will be released in autumn 2010 on Nintendo Wii and PC, retailing at 49.99€ for the Nintendo Wii and 29.99€ for the PC version. The game was developed by Darmstadt developers Spielkind, and published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by NAMCO BANDAI Partners Germany. bitComposer Games is the co-publisher of the title.

The game has been licensed by BRAINPOOL Artist & Content Services GmbH, Cologne, and created in close collaboration with the "Schlag den Raab" production company.


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