Thursday, September 30, 2010

bitComposer Games celebrates International Music Day 2010

-  With CARGO! The beat will get into your blood!  -

Eschborn, October 01, 2010: bitComposer Games is making a small contribution to International Music Day 2010 with a track from CARGO!
The music, which has been composed especially for the game, is as wacky as the title itself and demonstrates the tender loving care the Ice-Pick Lodge team devotes to its work.

In the action-adventure game CARGO! the Gods have removed gravity and have really tidied things up on Earth; there is practically no one left apart from a young girl called Phlox, and the Brats. DThe secret of the Brats, and how they remain with their feet on the ground in zero gravity, lies in fun; these comical gnome-like beings have fun in all kinds of danger and hair-raising rides in an array of vehicles; they also love a good kick up the behind and...MUSIC!
bitComposer Games and Ice-Pick Lodge wish you a Happy International Music Day!

Please find the mp3 track from CARGO! here:


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