Friday, March 19, 2010

"Wildlife Camp: In the Heart of Africa" hits the shelves

–  This animal park simulation takes players to the African savannah   –

Eschborn, March 19, 2010 - Virtual animal lovers will have a great time! The PC animal sim Wildlife Camp - In the Heart of Africa is now available in stores. The game demo also provides a thrilling glimpse into this new title from animal experts B-Alive, known for "Wildlife Park" and expansions such as "Crazy Zoo". Download the demo from the new game homepage:

Game info

In Wildlife Camp - In the Heart of Africa players assume the role of an animal keeper who must take the utmost care of the animals in an African wildlife park. All the animals will need lots of care, training, medical attention and nurture. You have twelve training methods and over 30 different items such as tools and medicines available. Besides looking after the animals, "Wildlife Camp: In the Heart of Africa" offers numerous fun activities like elephant rides. Animal lovers can also expect loads of exciting missions and adventures in the camp, the surrounding villages and in the vast African savannah that can be reached in different vehicles such as Jeeps, helicopters and air boats. An extensive tutorial will enable players to quickly familiarize themselves with the game.

Wildlife Camp - In the Heart of Africa is now available in stores exclusively on PC priced 29.99 Euros. The game is published by bitComposer Games and distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by NAMCO BANDAI Partners Germany.


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