Friday, February 05, 2010

NINJA BLADE reaches gold status!

– The action adventure from the creators of Tenchu will be released on schedule February 23rd 2010 –

Eschborn / Frankfurt, February 5th 2010: At the end of February you must safe Tokyo! Publisher bitComposer Games announced today that Ninja Blade has reached gold status and will hit the stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on February 23rd as planned. This is the PC version of the successful title of the same name that was first released exclusively on the Microsoft Xbox 360. Ninja Bladewas developed by the Japanese studio From Software, who were also responsible for creating several episodes of the internationally famous Tenchu series.
The release of Ninja Bladeis scheduled for February 23rd on Windows PC for 24.99 Euros.

In Ninja Blade PC players assume the role of the contemporary Ninja, Ken, who has been assigned to a special unit to clean up Tokyo, which has been placed under quarantine due to a threat of destruction by parasites. The virtual Ninjas fight on the ground and in the air against the stunning backdrop of the vast metropolis of Tokyo in some sensational in-game battles against gigantic enemies. An arsenal of traditional and modern sword weapons is available to you for your mission, and special Ninja powers will get you out of apparently hopeless situations. With your help, the enemies' weak points, hidden information and secret routes will be revealed and you can launch massive special attacks that will leave the enemy reeling. Spectacularly staged cutscenes are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay to guarantee relentless non-stop action.

Ninja Blade will be released on February 23rd on PC-DVD-ROM for Windows with a recommended retail price of 24,99 Euros.


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