Friday, February 11, 2011

The First Point'n'Click Adventure Using 3D Technology

-  bitComposer Games announces "The Rockin' Dead"  -

Eschborn, February 11th, 2011: bitComposer Games is opening up a totally new gameplay world in the adventure genre with The Rockin' Dead; the title uses Anaglyph 3D technology to provide a visceral on-screen gaming experience. Players can use the 3D glasses supplied with the game to explore the meticulously detailed settings in 3D, and can also play using the traditional 2D view.
The title was developed in Northern Germany by Grasland Production, and The Rockin' Dead is scheduled for release in Q2 2011 on Windows PC.

The Rockin' Dead is a point'n'click adventure with a plot that is both kooky and fun! It is presented in best B Movie tradition and is in 3D for the first time. The player assumes the role of Alyssa, the leader of the heavy metal girl band trio "Deadly Lullabyes", who are as gorgeous as they are unsuccessful! Alyssa and the two other band members set out in the band bus after an anonymous invitation to play a concert. However, shortly before arriving at their destination, they have a road accident in the boondocks. Alyssa regains consciousness only to find that all of the band's equipment and the other two girls have vanished into thin air! The adventure begins here and, in her search to solve the mystery, it leads Alyssa ever deeper into a world of undead beings, rocking skeletons and a host of other bizarre creatures!

Humorous dialog spoken by professional voice actors and lots of cut scenes guarantee top cinematic entertainment, and have a charm that makes The Rockin' Dead a unique adventure game experience.


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