Drakensang Online



In this mystical world full of wonder and peril, long-forgotten creatures have started to re-emerge from the shadows of history. After witnessing the rise of humans, these creatures were pushed to the brink of extinction and forced into hiding. Their world crumbled and a new empire was born. Their world crumbled and a new empire was born. Yet time has broken the new order that was meant to last for an eternity, and dark minions have gathered their strength and unleashed humanity's oldest foe: The dragon. Filled with a terrifying wrath built up over centuries, the dragon and its followers now wage a brutal war on the world. A deadly new era is dawning and humanity needs a new kind of hero to fight for the very survival of mankind.


  • Action RPG based on the successful Drakensang saga
  • Detailed and individually customizable characters
  • Flexible, modifiable magic system to fit the player's style
  • Diversified landscapes with a multitude of monsters
  • Varied game dynamics: Different environments and a flexible, personally customizable skill system allow for an individual game experience for every player
  • High quality of graphics and meticulous attention to detail on a comparable level to PC games
  • Represents a technical leap forward in terms of technology and graphics for browser games
  • Boxed Editions include valuable in-game items
    • Version 9,99 € (total value of in-game items = 20 €) 
      • Suit of armor that enhances armor and combat strength
      • 10.000 Andermant (in-game money)
    • Version 19,99 € (total value of in-game items = 40 €)
      • Exclusive dragon pet (feature: + 20% XP, Value: 30€)
      • Suit of armor that enhances armor and combat strength
      • 12.000 Andermant (in-game money)




Germany, Austria, Switzerland already receivable

Stay tuned!



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