Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Space Rift: First Trailer for the VR Space Adventure Revealed

The first trailer for Space Rift shows the adventures which players can expect to experience in virtual reality in Summer 2016.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - The action-packed, story-driven space adventure Space Rift has already been announced by bitComposer Interactive in May. Now, the first official trailer full of striking footage shows what players can expect to see in Space Rift when it is going to be released in Summer 2016 for PC, Android and PlayStation VR.

Intense gaming experience
Thanks to the mixed-reality announcement trailer, players can really feel the specific intensity offered by the large-scale Virtual Reality adventure, especially in comparison to a conventional gaming experience. The player slips thoroughly into the role of a spaceship pilot and quickly becomes part of the game ...

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Space adventure SPACE RIFT will be released for Virtual Reality in Summer 2016

bitComposer Interactive announces Vibrant Core's Virtual Reality game Space Rift 

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My Night Job's monster hunt now also available for PlayStation 4

My Night Job's monster hunt now also available for PlayStation 4  
My Night Job takes players right back to the 80s and 90s: The splendid 2D arcade game lures you in with its horror story and action-packed monster hunt.

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Award-winning arcade action that takes you right back to the 80s: My Night Job lures you in with classic gameplay. Now also available for Windows

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Sweet, but oh my: Wobbly Jungle will start testing your nerves on April 14th

bitComposer Interactive and developer Sourena Game Studio release the game Wobbly Jungle for Windows PC on Steam today.
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